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     Wastelander is a deeply emotional story of a man with special abilities that are feared by those around him. A good deal of the plot focuses on the fact that a lack of understanding is what breeds this fear. When these abilities deem him too dangerous for nearly every avenue of life, he is recruited by the International Mercenaries Guild. This faction covering known space comprised of mainly soldiers and scientists have burdened themselves with protecting balance and justice in the many Terran systems in the galaxy. 

     Those who seek Chaos: The Hells Breath, a space pirate faction, are seeking to undo everything the Guild and Terran government have built. 

       Elias and Squad Six Bravo find themselves battling their own minds, intergalactic pirates, and rogue guild members as the try to uncover a plot to destabilize known space. Elias finds himself plagued by dreams of a future wasteland, a future he intends to prevent.



Wastelander Concept  Cover
Concept of a scene from Wastelander
Depictions of Elias of Wastelander, by Matt Ross Crafton
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