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              As a professional artist, I have been inspired by my upbringing surrounded by astronomy, science, and myth. The night sky has always captivated me, leading to deep thought and contemplation. My passion for science and complex concepts, coupled with an avid love for science fiction and fantasy, quickly translated into my artwork.


                  Through drawing and writing, I have explored various subjects, with a particular interest in military hardware and spacecraft design. Drawing inspiration from video games, books, and movies, I have always been a concept artist at heart, eager to bring my ideas to life.


              I now reside in the White Mountain region of Northern New Hampshire. When I am not working on my art, I can often be found exploring nature, live streaming, or observing the stars. Art is my lifelong passion, and I am committed to honing my skills and creating unique and captivating pieces that resonate.

Artist: Matt Crafton
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