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     Pendulum was created from a desire for a sci-fi story that focused on the fact that there has been an immense amount of time before humanity existed.  Combined with what we know and what we don't know about how time, black-holes, and parallel dimensions function.

    We follow a race of hyper-advanced beings I called the Templar. Science is their religion and they defend its principles with their life. Their civilization has been decimated by an inter-dimensional race of bio-mechanical hive mind beings known only as the lost. The Templar refer to them in this manner as they have no respect for the natural balance of the universe, and all attempts of communication and reasoning have failed.

     As the Lost destroy their homeworld, a plan is enacted to stop the Lost on their next cycle of destruction.  The Templar must send a ship through time, 65 million years into the future, to break the next cycle. They will need the help of a race capable of harnessing their technology.

They find humanity in the middle of world war three, only a few years before the next apex of the pendulum swing, can they unite us to break the cycle?

Crash Site
Female Templar
The Templar Basic Soldier
The Lost
The Courior
Defend the ship
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General Concept
Pendulum Armor Tech
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